boom bombed my boombox,
a grievous news,
hundreds had gone missing.

One day,
all the way would I go,
in search of beautiful bounties, taken out of their shanties.

I made for the streets,
little did I know,
shouldda headed for the forests.

Sambisa would I go,
to bring back our girls.

Copyright Protected. Ore Afolayan. @Ore_Afolayan.
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Pastor, save our girls!

It’s Sunday again!

These bible-wielding clerics have not cease to amaze me.

It’s been over a month that 234/276 school girls were abducted from their academic institution.

Yet, the messages in churches have not ceased to be:
Salvation(making heaven while another do not)
Prosperity(buying a car while another is yet to eat)
Thanksgiving(rendering praises for a purposeless life while brilliant minds, world changers, starving children, conceiving mothers die due to man-made and natural disasters)
Tithing(giving a tenth to a well-established platform while millions starve to death).
This is hypocrisy.
We need a new set of ideals, or we revisit the old one, cause I believe this wasn’t the original purpose of religious homes.
I believe religious homes weren’t built to swindle the poor masses mentally and financially.

Pastor, Reverend, Deacon, Deaconess, Bishop, Archbishop, Evangelist, Apostle, by all means neccessary(sic), save our girls. When you’ve done so, we can have your proposed discourse on salvation.