How to make a great informative speech

1. Be a knowledgeable speaker- By being a knowledgeable speaker, I mean that it is of essence you have a firm know-how of what you want to talk about.

2. Have a systematic pattern of speech delivery- By this, I mean that your speech must have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. And this pattern should be followed to the latter.

3. Audience’s knowledge must equal speaker- The knowledge that you believe that your audience has must match yours; be it too little or too much.

4. Determine your objectives- What is the aim of your presentation? Have that in mind before opening your mouth to speak.

5. Research your topic- As earlier suggested, asides being a knowledgeable speaker, have knowledge on the topic you want to speak on.

6. Outline your points- Points should be identified and brought to fore to buttress the facts that you’re presenting.

Ore Afolayan
CTO, Fuzzy Logic Systems


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