Dream Madam Activist

By Ore Afolayan

Back then as an Undergraduate at the University of Ibadan, vividly can I remember how politicians invade my alma-mater to visit members of the University.

It should be noted that these (intending) public office holders come around few weeks to elections that they are billed to partake in. And the motives of the visits? To solicit support from the learned.

However, the students and their leaders tend to be class of individuals that are usually interested in listening and negotiating with the politicians on behalf of the University. The academic and non-academic staff tend to mind their businesses.

As electioneering proceedings unfold, these celebrated looters begin to come in, with money or to donate television sets, DSTV dishes and decoders, power generators as done by former Oyo state governor, Alao Akala in 2011.

Asides the monetary, gift items cum promises of politicians that will be on show, students tend to introduce schemes to earn more. They carry out these gimmicks by using various devices. Notable among them is the organization and mobilization of other students for a rally. Often times, this act tend to bring the greatest returns with sums running to half a million naira.

Apparently, one self-styled prominent Nigerian female activist has employed this epic money-making strategy as she floated a rally few days to the Presidential elections.

While watching the dollar-induced rally that led to verbal and physical brawls on tv among hungry participants, I saw the nation’s treasurer(The Co-ordinating Minister of Finance) at the rally. The nation’s madam might have given the other madam a sum to pay the likes of Naeto C, Terry G etal that were at the show of shame.

In a tweet, the rally’s organizer said that the rally was initially planned for the North, but for the soldiers reclaiming the seized areas from Nigeria’s infamous insurgents. Then, I ask, if the soldiers are bringing results already, of what use is her rally? Asides that, must your rally be Lagos and Abuja? An avenue to be seen and garner more relevance. What happened to Kebbi and Sokoto; is the army reclaiming lands there?

It is eye-sore that we now live in a country where activists and social crusaders bear self-centred motives for their demonstrations, thereby becoming the traducers of our democracy.
This must stop! This is a far cry from what we had in the Fawehinmis and the SaroWiwas.

Should you persist in your rallies, dear prominent activist, I know for sure that you have automobiles that can convey you to your rally points. However, for the sake of humanity, the Nigerian sun is not healthy psychologically and physiologically for the youths. It’s on that note that the youths posit that they will do the needful come 28th of March, and therefore do not need any rally to get it right.

Till you organize a rally against the missing $20billion or a rally against those against the PVC card reader, or a rally against the immigration job hunting farce, Dear madam activist, I will not take you serious.


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