Dear Harvard Friend 2

Dear friend, ever heard of Covenant University? It is a Nigerian University and has a Nobel prize winner on its faculty. This defeats your proposition that no Nigerian University has a Nobel Peace winner on its faculty. Quoting Oluwafemi Oyesile, a Mechanical Engineering product of the University of Ibadan, ‘To say that UI has not been of relevance to our society is to be a victim of the dangers of a single story. There are lots of research works that have been carried out in the University of Ibadan that have solved economic challenges we are facing in this country. One of which is the Waste Management Program in Bodija Market that was initiated by a lecturer in the department of Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with lecturers from other departments.’ That is a notable example of a development to our immediate community.
Citing a report by A Better Nigeria; ‘The United States National Institute of Health recently awarded the Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) grant to University of Ibadan- 130 million dollars, African perspective on Human mobility granted (Oxford) 117,198.50 dollars, WHO- markers for protective immune responses against clinical malaria- 69, 554 dollars, Strengthening MSC programme in Plant Breeding- Alliance for a green revolution- 259 , 760 dollars, partnership for higher education in Africa, south African institute of Distance Education- 191 154.27 dollars.
Williams Adeyemi, a student of the University of Ibadan has this to say; ‘There are at least 2000 universities/ colleges in the US and many Nigerian professors who were taught in Nigerian universities are teaching in those universities. Even if they got their PhDs from foreign schools, they were admitted for those degrees with their first degrees. We also have several Nigerian graduates performing excellently as professionals all over the world.’
A classic example is Prof. Biodun Jeyifo B.A. English (1970) University of Ibadan. He is currently a professor of Africa and African-American Studies and Comparative Literature at that prestigious Harvard University of yours. He has not only taught in Harvard University, he taught at Cornell University (18years English Professor), Queens College, New York and other leading Universities in the United States. Do not forget, I reiterate, do not forget that he is a bona-fide alumnus of my alma-mater.
Prof Francis Abiola Irele B.A. (1960) University of Ibadan is widely regarded as the doyen of Africanist Literary Scholar worldwide. He was a visiting Professor of Africa and Africa-American Studies and Romance languages and Literature for many years at the ‘prestigious’ Harvard University.
Niyi Osundare B.A. University of Ibadan became a Professor of English and Literary Studies at the University of Ibadan in 1989 and became a Professor at the University of New Orleans in 1997. Dear friend, our products speak by their deeds.
Dear friend, Kelechi Opara, a product of the University of Ibadan posits that there is more to nation-building and strong institutions than university training. For him, motivation and commitment of a well-structured and efficient public service system is the foundation for a prosperous country, and not individual scholarly excellence.
On a conclusory note, Dear friend, I did not graduate from the University of Ibadan with a First class. However, was I schooled in Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Cornell or any other overrated Ivy League schools, I will graduate with a Half-class.
Ore Afolayan
Proud University of Ibadan product!


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