Dear Unibadan Friend

Actually if one attended UI, they wasted their money and time. How about that for a start? UI as the oldest institution of higher education in Nigeria, does not have worldwide reputation worth anything except the pride and enlarged ego by those that attended the university. When the top 1000 colleges and universities in the world was catalogued a few years ago, UI did not make the list, but one South Africa institution managed to make the cut. Nigeria as the most populous black nation in the world, is yet to earn respect and collateral value nurturing anything to worldwide standards. It is about dance in the square hi-5ing with ‘beer parlor chants and cheers’, while serious nations are placing their institutions on enviable lists and using such to attract investments and grants. UI has not attracted say $10m or N2b in any given year in research grants. If it has, let it say when and for what? How come UI leadership did not cash in on Wole Soyinka Nobel Prize status and sought to create an institute in his name and use the ‘NP’ to attract literal reputation to the university and in turn revenue? No, given petty jealousies and leadership anchored on outdated senses, they refuse to see value in their own. No university in Nigeria has a Noble Prize winner on its faculty. Am I missing something? Universities and colleges are reputed based on faculty ranking, research/surveys/­studies, and relevance to their local economy or Nigeria at large. Tell me the last research/survey/­study done by UI, that spoke to issues relevant to Nigeria or Ibadan its home base? Flashing degrees and taking local chieftaincy titles to bolster one’s exaggerated/fragile ego – nonsense, is not what was/is expected from so called educated Nigerians. Is it? Education should add collateral content and bolster one’s self worth and confidence in order to address and deal with problems that confront their community. Using that premise, please discuss Nigeria of 2015 where there are plenty doctors and doctorates, yet the country is sicker and sickened. UI has churned out more PhDs than any other Nigeria university, mostly ‘permanent head damages’, interested in the glamor of the doctorate but not given to heavy lifting – intellectual prowess. Nigeria colleges and universities are just four-walls and white elephants anchored, run and manned by pretenders holding PhDs. How about that? Lastly, tell me when IMF, World Bank, UN, cited a study/research/­survey, done by any Nigeria university or college on issues confronting Nigeria? Never. Nigeria just produce degree holders who may end up doing something other than what they learned. At best, they are degree milling industries. Please prove me wrong. Just my 2 kobo.

By Ejike Okpa


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