How I became an entrepreneur

At a tender age, I hated rules, routines and maintenance of the status quo. I was a rebel and I knew it.
I disliked the fact that superiors and elders barked orders, without considering better ways I conceived of solving (thier) problems. Thiers was ‘Do This’ and ‘Let it be Done My Way’. I hated such and sought ways out of my troubles.
Another thing I hated was routines. Work must commence by 8 or 9am and must end by 4 or 5pm. This didn’t put into consideration the fact that you might be less occupied and have in custody a wealth of time to expend on other profitable ventures, for self and/or the organization. Thiers was resume work by 8am and leave work by 4pm. I wholeheartedly hated that.
Rigidity of most work descriptions also kicked interest for job-seeking out of me early enough in life. I termed it ‘Maintenance of the status quo’. Most jobs had you doing the same thing over and over daily, weekly, monthly, yearly till the individual dies on the job, except he/she is wise enough to crawl out of servitude.
Due to all this, I did what Warren Buffet advised; I was greedy when others were
fearful, and was fearful when
others were greedy.
I was creating jobs rather than seeking jobs. I created jobs for myself, others and generations to come .
Jobs that could be passed down to generations. Not jobs wallowing in insecurity. By employing myself, I had the best job and became an entrepreneur.


The Comeback!

Hello folks!

Not so cool that I’ve been away for long. I wouldn’t want to make excuses for my unavailability and state of being incommunicado. Rather, I’ll just seek your mercy and unmerited pardon.

Now, that I’m here, what do I have to offer?
Well, it’s awesome that you’re here NOW, a period in history where and when you’ve been designed to be.

So, what do I have in the offing? Should I spill it/ them now? Will that be cool? Maybe yes, maybe no.

I think we should just stick to what this piece is about; which is basically THE COMEBACK, a re-appearance to notify and inform you of things to come.

Just stay locked/logged to this channel, the first piece comes out in few days.