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How I became an entrepreneur

At a tender age, I hated rules, routines and maintenance of the status quo. I was a rebel and I knew it.
I disliked the fact that superiors and elders barked orders, without considering better ways I conceived of solving (thier) problems. Thiers was ‘Do This’ and ‘Let it be Done My Way’. I hated such and sought ways out of my troubles.
Another thing I hated was routines. Work must commence by 8 or 9am and must end by 4 or 5pm. This didn’t put into consideration the fact that you might be less occupied and have in custody a wealth of time to expend on other profitable ventures, for self and/or the organization. Thiers was resume work by 8am and leave work by 4pm. I wholeheartedly hated that.
Rigidity of most work descriptions also kicked interest for job-seeking out of me early enough in life. I termed it ‘Maintenance of the status quo’. Most jobs had you doing the same thing over and over daily, weekly, monthly, yearly till the individual dies on the job, except he/she is wise enough to crawl out of servitude.
Due to all this, I did what Warren Buffet advised; I was greedy when others were
fearful, and was fearful when
others were greedy.
I was creating jobs rather than seeking jobs. I created jobs for myself, others and generations to come .
Jobs that could be passed down to generations. Not jobs wallowing in insecurity. By employing myself, I had the best job and became an entrepreneur.


The Comeback!

Hello folks!

Not so cool that I’ve been away for long. I wouldn’t want to make excuses for my unavailability and state of being incommunicado. Rather, I’ll just seek your mercy and unmerited pardon.

Now, that I’m here, what do I have to offer?
Well, it’s awesome that you’re here NOW, a period in history where and when you’ve been designed to be.

So, what do I have in the offing? Should I spill it/ them now? Will that be cool? Maybe yes, maybe no.

I think we should just stick to what this piece is about; which is basically THE COMEBACK, a re-appearance to notify and inform you of things to come.

Just stay locked/logged to this channel, the first piece comes out in few days.



Dear Harvard Friend 2

Dear friend, ever heard of Covenant University? It is a Nigerian University and has a Nobel prize winner on its faculty. This defeats your proposition that no Nigerian University has a Nobel Peace winner on its faculty. Quoting Oluwafemi Oyesile, a Mechanical Engineering product of the University of Ibadan, ‘To say that UI has not been of relevance to our society is to be a victim of the dangers of a single story. There are lots of research works that have been carried out in the University of Ibadan that have solved economic challenges we are facing in this country. One of which is the Waste Management Program in Bodija Market that was initiated by a lecturer in the department of Mechanical Engineering in collaboration with lecturers from other departments.’ That is a notable example of a development to our immediate community.
Citing a report by A Better Nigeria; ‘The United States National Institute of Health recently awarded the Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) grant to University of Ibadan- 130 million dollars, African perspective on Human mobility granted (Oxford) 117,198.50 dollars, WHO- markers for protective immune responses against clinical malaria- 69, 554 dollars, Strengthening MSC programme in Plant Breeding- Alliance for a green revolution- 259 , 760 dollars, partnership for higher education in Africa, south African institute of Distance Education- 191 154.27 dollars.
Williams Adeyemi, a student of the University of Ibadan has this to say; ‘There are at least 2000 universities/ colleges in the US and many Nigerian professors who were taught in Nigerian universities are teaching in those universities. Even if they got their PhDs from foreign schools, they were admitted for those degrees with their first degrees. We also have several Nigerian graduates performing excellently as professionals all over the world.’
A classic example is Prof. Biodun Jeyifo B.A. English (1970) University of Ibadan. He is currently a professor of Africa and African-American Studies and Comparative Literature at that prestigious Harvard University of yours. He has not only taught in Harvard University, he taught at Cornell University (18years English Professor), Queens College, New York and other leading Universities in the United States. Do not forget, I reiterate, do not forget that he is a bona-fide alumnus of my alma-mater.
Prof Francis Abiola Irele B.A. (1960) University of Ibadan is widely regarded as the doyen of Africanist Literary Scholar worldwide. He was a visiting Professor of Africa and Africa-American Studies and Romance languages and Literature for many years at the ‘prestigious’ Harvard University.
Niyi Osundare B.A. University of Ibadan became a Professor of English and Literary Studies at the University of Ibadan in 1989 and became a Professor at the University of New Orleans in 1997. Dear friend, our products speak by their deeds.
Dear friend, Kelechi Opara, a product of the University of Ibadan posits that there is more to nation-building and strong institutions than university training. For him, motivation and commitment of a well-structured and efficient public service system is the foundation for a prosperous country, and not individual scholarly excellence.
On a conclusory note, Dear friend, I did not graduate from the University of Ibadan with a First class. However, was I schooled in Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Cornell or any other overrated Ivy League schools, I will graduate with a Half-class.
Ore Afolayan
Proud University of Ibadan product!

Dear Harvard Friend

‘UI is the best education money can afford in this part of the world’- Late Prof. Olu Owolabi
It beats me and it is also a slap on my face that someone will cherry-pick some misguided specifics at will to mock my alma-mater, the one and only University of Ibadan.
For a start, I will love to inform my dear Harvard friend that there is a difference between a Nigerian University and a University in Nigeria. Not stopping at that, there is also a clear-cut contrast between The University of Ibadan, Ibadan and a Nigerian University.
Let’s continue!
Dear friend, in your write-up, you stated some horrific and cool-spot opinions in an attempt to ridicule the Nigerian Premier University, a citadel of learning built on a city of red earth. However, I’ll forgive your flaws on the premise that you wrote your article over 5years ago and had not appropriately made thorough consultations and fact-finding researches recently. Had that not been so, I will accordingly ask where you were when the University of Ibadan was taking breath-taking strides recently.
Dear friend, in the essay you presented, you posit that the likes of Ore Afolayan, Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Emeka Anyaoku wasted their time and money by being alumni of the University of Ibadan. Well, as you said, the names I mentioned are just proofs that I would highlight for terming UI, Ibadan a great school. You are right. For that I ask, how will you ascertain if a tractor is good or bad, if not by the farm produce it brings to fore? On that note, I will categorically state that you lost your first argument.
Dear friend, in a subsequent line, you stated that the prestigious University of Ibadan did not make a list of top 1000colleges and Universities in the world as catalogued few years ago. For this, I will humbly ask, ’Who draw up these lists, for whose interests are these lists drawn, what parameters do these lists use as determinants of who is to be ranked 1st or who is to be ranked 1000th asides what is obtainable on Google.comand does the fact that University of Ibadan, Ibadan did not appear on a list dispute that the compilers of this list in mass come to UI by all means necessary(exchange programs inclusive), to not see the good side of UI and compile a better list if need be, rather, they come to UI to learn our Indigenous languages and other disciplines from our tutors so as to be better students of knowledge.
Dear friend, you posit that Nigeria is yet to earn respect and collateral value nurturing anything to worldwide standards. Really? Do you really mean this? Sir, please, do not say this in unrestricted fora. Before I jump to a conclusion on this, what is your definition of worldwide standards? Sir, who is the 1986 Nobel Laureate? Sir, who authored Things Fall Apart- a book translated to more than 50 official languages? Sir, who is Emeka Anyaoku? Maybe when you amplify what worldwide standards means, we can have a duel on this.
Dear friend, your emphasis on lists beats me (Top 1000 colleges and Universities list, list of IMF, World Bank, UN citing a study/research/­survey). It severely boxes me to a corner. Sir, the University of Ibadan do not, I reiterate, do not need a list to receive Grants periodically from the MacArthur Foundation neither does it need any list to produce individuals worthy in character, learning and sound judgment that will impact positively to their local community and the world at large.
Dear friend, at long last, you attest to the fact that Wole Soyinka is a value brought to the world by the University of Ibadan. However, stating that jealousies and a flawed leadership was the reason why an Institute wasn’t built in his name is a faulty assertion. Sir, I will point here that, the University of Ibadan do not operate in such manner. Though, such may be done over there in the Ivy League schools, I will state here emphatically that my alma-mater does not seek to be a replica, a carbon copy of such schools. We are the University of Ibadan, and not the University College, Ibadan which was/is an affiliate of the University of London. As an addendum, rather than build an institute built in his name, the University of Ibadan had organized several events in his honour. Of note was at the 66th Foundation Day of my alma-mater.
Sir, we are not interested in seeking reputation based on the achievement of a particular person. Instead, we build a reputation based on the collective efforts of every student, every lecturer, every administrator and every member of staff-academic and non-academic. We are UI, a school marching on to greatness with the individual efforts of U and I!
Dear friend, ever heard of Covenant University? It is a Nigerian University and has a Nobel prize winner on its faculty. This defeats your proposition that no Nigerian University has a Nobel Peace winner on its faculty. Quoting Oluwafemi Oyesile, a Mechanical Engineering product of the University of Ibadan, ‘To say that UI has not been of relevance

Dear Unibadan Friend

Actually if one attended UI, they wasted their money and time. How about that for a start? UI as the oldest institution of higher education in Nigeria, does not have worldwide reputation worth anything except the pride and enlarged ego by those that attended the university. When the top 1000 colleges and universities in the world was catalogued a few years ago, UI did not make the list, but one South Africa institution managed to make the cut. Nigeria as the most populous black nation in the world, is yet to earn respect and collateral value nurturing anything to worldwide standards. It is about dance in the square hi-5ing with ‘beer parlor chants and cheers’, while serious nations are placing their institutions on enviable lists and using such to attract investments and grants. UI has not attracted say $10m or N2b in any given year in research grants. If it has, let it say when and for what? How come UI leadership did not cash in on Wole Soyinka Nobel Prize status and sought to create an institute in his name and use the ‘NP’ to attract literal reputation to the university and in turn revenue? No, given petty jealousies and leadership anchored on outdated senses, they refuse to see value in their own. No university in Nigeria has a Noble Prize winner on its faculty. Am I missing something? Universities and colleges are reputed based on faculty ranking, research/surveys/­studies, and relevance to their local economy or Nigeria at large. Tell me the last research/survey/­study done by UI, that spoke to issues relevant to Nigeria or Ibadan its home base? Flashing degrees and taking local chieftaincy titles to bolster one’s exaggerated/fragile ego – nonsense, is not what was/is expected from so called educated Nigerians. Is it? Education should add collateral content and bolster one’s self worth and confidence in order to address and deal with problems that confront their community. Using that premise, please discuss Nigeria of 2015 where there are plenty doctors and doctorates, yet the country is sicker and sickened. UI has churned out more PhDs than any other Nigeria university, mostly ‘permanent head damages’, interested in the glamor of the doctorate but not given to heavy lifting – intellectual prowess. Nigeria colleges and universities are just four-walls and white elephants anchored, run and manned by pretenders holding PhDs. How about that? Lastly, tell me when IMF, World Bank, UN, cited a study/research/­survey, done by any Nigeria university or college on issues confronting Nigeria? Never. Nigeria just produce degree holders who may end up doing something other than what they learned. At best, they are degree milling industries. Please prove me wrong. Just my 2 kobo.

By Ejike Okpa

Dream Madam Activist

By Ore Afolayan

Back then as an Undergraduate at the University of Ibadan, vividly can I remember how politicians invade my alma-mater to visit members of the University.

It should be noted that these (intending) public office holders come around few weeks to elections that they are billed to partake in. And the motives of the visits? To solicit support from the learned.

However, the students and their leaders tend to be class of individuals that are usually interested in listening and negotiating with the politicians on behalf of the University. The academic and non-academic staff tend to mind their businesses.

As electioneering proceedings unfold, these celebrated looters begin to come in, with money or to donate television sets, DSTV dishes and decoders, power generators as done by former Oyo state governor, Alao Akala in 2011.

Asides the monetary, gift items cum promises of politicians that will be on show, students tend to introduce schemes to earn more. They carry out these gimmicks by using various devices. Notable among them is the organization and mobilization of other students for a rally. Often times, this act tend to bring the greatest returns with sums running to half a million naira.

Apparently, one self-styled prominent Nigerian female activist has employed this epic money-making strategy as she floated a rally few days to the Presidential elections.

While watching the dollar-induced rally that led to verbal and physical brawls on tv among hungry participants, I saw the nation’s treasurer(The Co-ordinating Minister of Finance) at the rally. The nation’s madam might have given the other madam a sum to pay the likes of Naeto C, Terry G etal that were at the show of shame.

In a tweet, the rally’s organizer said that the rally was initially planned for the North, but for the soldiers reclaiming the seized areas from Nigeria’s infamous insurgents. Then, I ask, if the soldiers are bringing results already, of what use is her rally? Asides that, must your rally be Lagos and Abuja? An avenue to be seen and garner more relevance. What happened to Kebbi and Sokoto; is the army reclaiming lands there?

It is eye-sore that we now live in a country where activists and social crusaders bear self-centred motives for their demonstrations, thereby becoming the traducers of our democracy.
This must stop! This is a far cry from what we had in the Fawehinmis and the SaroWiwas.

Should you persist in your rallies, dear prominent activist, I know for sure that you have automobiles that can convey you to your rally points. However, for the sake of humanity, the Nigerian sun is not healthy psychologically and physiologically for the youths. It’s on that note that the youths posit that they will do the needful come 28th of March, and therefore do not need any rally to get it right.

Till you organize a rally against the missing $20billion or a rally against those against the PVC card reader, or a rally against the immigration job hunting farce, Dear madam activist, I will not take you serious.

How to make a great informative speech

1. Be a knowledgeable speaker- By being a knowledgeable speaker, I mean that it is of essence you have a firm know-how of what you want to talk about.

2. Have a systematic pattern of speech delivery- By this, I mean that your speech must have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. And this pattern should be followed to the latter.

3. Audience’s knowledge must equal speaker- The knowledge that you believe that your audience has must match yours; be it too little or too much.

4. Determine your objectives- What is the aim of your presentation? Have that in mind before opening your mouth to speak.

5. Research your topic- As earlier suggested, asides being a knowledgeable speaker, have knowledge on the topic you want to speak on.

6. Outline your points- Points should be identified and brought to fore to buttress the facts that you’re presenting.

Ore Afolayan
CTO, Fuzzy Logic Systems